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San Agustin - Jurassic ~150 MA

The San Agustin geothermal system occurs within the Deseado Massif, a 60 000 km2 geological province of southern Patagonia characterized by extensive (ca. 30 000 km2) bimodal volcanism (calc-alkaline rhyolites, minor andesites and rare dacites). Hydrothermal mineralization in the Deseado Massif includes economic gold- and silver-bearing epithermal deposits, and several hot spring occurrences.

The San Agustin deposit preserves the most intact and laterally extensive hot spring sinters in the Mesozoic rock record. The geothermal complex is positioned stratigraphically at the top of a sequence of extensive, silicified lacustrine deposits that filled fault-related Jurassic valleys of a largely ignimbritic volcanic terrain.