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August 2009 Palaios

cover featuring hot spring

silicification from Channing

& Edwards 2009.

December 2009 J.

Biogeography cover featuring

fossil floras of Gran Canaria

from Anderson, Channing &

Zamuner 2009

Research Papers - with links to pdf files

Authors & Year


Channing 2003

The Rhynie Chert early land plants: palaeo-ecophysiological and taphonomic analogues, Trans. Inst. Min. Metall. B 112 170-171.

Channing, Edwards & Sturtevant 2004

A geothermally influenced wetland containing unconsolidated chemically precipitated silica sediments. Can. J. Earth Sci. 41 809-827. 

Channing & Edwards 2004

Experimental taphonomy: Silicification of plants in Yellowstone hot spring environments. Trans. R. Soc. Edinb: Earth Sci. 94 503-521.

Channing, Schweitzer, Horner & McEneany 2005

A silicified bird from Quaternary hot spring deposits. Proc. R. Soc. B. 272 877-977.

Channing, Zamuner & Zuniga 2007

 new Middle-Late Jurassic flora and hot spring chert deposit from the Deseado Massif, Santa Cruz province, Argentina. Geological Magazine 144(2) 401-411.

Channing & Butler 2007

Cryogenic sediments from Yellowstone hot springs. Earth & Planetary Science Letters. 275 (1-2) 121-131.

Anderson Channing & Zamuner 2009

Life, death and fossilisation on volcanic oceanic islands, with special reference to Gran Canaria.

Sup data 1 - review of other Macaronesian fossil floras

Channing & Edwards 2009a

Silicification of higher plants in geothermally influenced wetlands: Yellowstone as a Lower Devonian Rhynie Analog.

Channing & Edwards 2009b

The palaeoecophysiology of the Rhynie chert plants: towards a synthesis.

Guido, Channing, Campbell & Zamuner 2010

Mesozoic hot spring environments - Argentina.

Channing & Wujek 2010

Preservation of protists within decaying plants from geothermally influenced wetlands of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States.

Channing, Zamuner, Edwards & Guido 2011

Equisetum thermale sp. nov. (Equisetales)from the Jurassic San Agustín hot spring deposit, Patagonia: Anatomy, paleoecology and inferred paleoecophysiology.

Massini, Channing, Guido & Zamuner 2012

Fungi from Mesozoic Hot Springs, Argentina.

Channing & Edwards 2013 Palaeo-ecology of hot spring floras through time.